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Your New Favourite
(and funny) Words In English

Sometimes English is just plain HILARIOUS!

The other day I was buying a gift for a friend and when the cashier was wrapping it, he said the funniest thing! He used a word I’ve said so many times…and he even danced a little when he said it! A lot like this 👇

I immediately thought…OMG our students have to learn this!

Maybe you’ve heard of it: “Would you like me to zhuzh it up a bit?”

(If you’re scratching your head, don’t worry…you’ll find out what it means in just a second) 

This got me thinking. How many crazy English words are there? Well…there are lots!

And we use them naturally throughout the day all the time. Some might be less common than others, but if you learn how to use them properly, you’ll definitely be able to express yourself better.

And since learning English should be fun, we want to teach you some funny-sounding words.

You know that moment when you just can’t think of a specific word to describe how you’re feeling, or a specific sensation?

Well guess what! We’re gonna teach you some words to help you express yourself like a native speaker! But we’re not gonna explain them in the traditional way of just telling you what they mean *snore* 🥱

You’re gonna learn these words through feelings, sounds, and contexts!

In other words, you’re gonna find out how people feel when they hear them and the sounds or body gestures they make.

You’re also gonna learn when to use them too! That way you’ll actually remember these silly words (and even laugh a little!) 😜

Are you ready? Find out 5 funny-sounding English words that you can start using NOW! ‘Cause it’s time to spice up your English! 🔥 🌟

Want to speak English confidently? 

We know how frustrating it is to not be able to express yourself in English like you do in your first language. But it is possible to gain more confidence, and to improve your English.

Imagine signing up for a gym. It takes a lot of self-discipline to actually keep going on a regular basis to see results, right?

But what happens if you hire a personal trainer? Suddenly you’re losing weight and lifting more pounds than ever! 

That’s because you have accountability, support, and a personalized plan.

And that’s exactly what we are! We’re personal trainers…for your English 💪🧠

Ready for one-on-one English lessons? Our lessons are 100% online, 100% Canadian, and for all levels.

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