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Count on our team of carefully selected Canadian teachers to support you.
Finally, feel confident speaking in English!
Each of your lessons will be personalized, fun, and one-on-one.
You can trust that we’re all highly qualified, but most importantly, we all love to teach.
Because at the end of the day, your success is our success too!
Maria Alfaro - English for Canada

Maria Alfaro

A UBC graduate and certified by Cambridge, with years of experience teaching in Canada and Brazil

“After helping numerous students get the score they need, I am confident I can help you too! My goal is to support you in your journey until you achieve your goals”

Orisha Burns​

Orisha Burns​

TEFL certified (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) from the University of Toronto

“I am pleased and grateful to see that through my support my students reach their goals”
Samita Sarkar​

Samita Sarkar​

A graduate in Professional Writing from York University, Ontario - Canada

“It is a great pleasure to be able to help those who wish to learn or improve their English”
Matthew Lyon​

Matthew Lyon​

TESL Certified and a Bachelor's graduate in Psychology and Anthropology from the University of Toronto - Canada

“I’m ready to help you achieve your goals!”
Natalie Garrison​

Natalie Garrison​

Certified both from TESL Canada and Ontario and a graduate from the University of Western Ontario - Canada

“My favourite part of teaching is personalizing lessons and seeing my students improve!”
Ami Xherro

Ami Xherro​

A graduate with both a Bachelor and a Master of Arts from the University of Toronto

“I look forward to providing you with a safe and creative learning environment.”

Audra Cowe

Audra Cowe​

CELTA Certified from the University of Cambridge and an honours graduate from the University of Toronto

“I value the importance of adapting my lesson plans to each student’s learning style.”
Jazmin Laos

Jazmin Laos​

TESOL and IELTS training Certified from the Canadian College of Educators

“Teaching languages is my passion and I will be dedicated to your progress!”
Anna-Kay Dunkley

Anna-Kay Dunkley​

TESL Certified teacher who has earned a double major BA in French and Language Communication

“I look forward to helping you on your journey to IELTS success”
Megan Kia​

Megan Kia​

A PhD graduate in TESL with over 10 years of teaching experience

“My favourite part of my job is learning more about what brings my students joy!”
Pershang Salehi​

Pershang Salehi​

TESOL Certified with a Master of Arts

“My joy comes from watching my students learn and develop”
Josh Pirie​

Josh Pirie​

A graduate of the University of Toronto with over 20 years of teaching experience

“I’m ready to help you finally achieve your goals!”

Get to know our team on our YouTube channel

Get to know our team on our YouTube channel