We help students discover the English version of themselves.

If we believe in you, you have to too!

100% Canadian

We make learning easier. How? Because Canadian accents are easy to understand. And we're a team of highly qualified Canadian English teachers. You’ll love studying with us, eh!

Personalization & Emotional Support

Stay focused and beat your test anxiety with our one-on-one support and guidance. Achieve your goals faster with a coach by your side.

Exclusive Methodology

Prepare for your exam as fast as possible. We'll teach you exactly how an IELTS and CELPIP examiner thinks so you get the band scores you need. Our effective study plans are intensive, but straight to the point. Because we're on your side.

Our Promise

We aren’t your typical or traditional English school. We’re a small school focused on personalized support right from the start, and we intend on keeping it that way.

We understand that studying for an English test or moving to a new country is a serious decision, but we make it fun and stress-free. From our initial consultations, to our personalized lessons, the spotlight will always be on you. 

Our favourite moment is finding out that one of our students passed their exam or landed their dream job! 

That’s why with us, you’ll always feel heard and supported. Because at the end of the day, your success is our success too! 

Excited to meet your new teacher?

Our Promisse
Our Vibe

Our Vibe

You know that feeling you get when you walk into a cozy, local coffee shop? The one where the owners and staff know your name and ask how your family is doing? That’s us. But online! 

We’re a welcoming English school that truly cares about each of our students. We know that each and every one of you has a personal story to tell, a journey to take with your family, and dreams to achieve. And we love being a part of it.

We take the fear, confusion, and the snores out of learning English, so come in and get comfortable!

You can count on us

We’re a team of certified Canadian English teachers with years of testing experience. Our school is also an Official Member of the CELPIP Network.

Since 2014, we’ve coached over 5000 students from around the world improve their English and achieve their goals on their English proficiency exams like the IELTSCELPIP, or TOEFL.

We offer exclusive, personalized, and one-on-one tutoring lessons with certified Canadian teachers and our self-study programs. We also offer General English, business English, and conversation classes for all levels.

We understand that our students live busy lives, and traditional group classes take up too much time. Our students need to see results, and fast!

That’s why your lessons can be conveniently scheduled according to your availability. You can study at your own pace and from the comfort of your home. Notice results even in your sweatpants.

With us, you’ll be the centre of attention. Enjoy it.

People talk a lot about us!

We’ve helped hundreds of students finally get the band scores they need! Hear from some of our success stories.

Success Stories

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Our Story

Our Canadian English teacher and founder Maria has been an English geek since she was a little girl growing up in Vancouver, Canada. (She even has a collection of essays she wrote in the 4th grade to prove it).  

After completing her degree at the University of British Columbia, Maria wanted to experience life abroad. She chose Brazil. Or perhaps Brazil chose her. But what was supposed to be a 4-week experience turned into almost 8 years of living and teaching English in Rio de Janeiro.  

In 2014, Maria decided to start her own school that would be different. A school that cares about each student’s results, goals, and well-being. A school that could re inspire those who were tired of studying at a traditional English school. A school that would make learning English fun again!  

Word spread quickly. Whenever one student got the band scores they needed after only a few hours of class, more students came asking for help. People were tired of taking their exams over and over again – they wanted answers!  

And so, in 2016, English for Canada was recognized in Brazil as the “first Canadian school specialized in immigration exams” by the Canadian Consulate of Rio de Janeiro. 

The Canadian Consulate General monthly e-newsletter for Canadian and Friends of Canada, March 2016. 

Fast forward to today: Maria still puts her heart and soul into the school, just like on day 1, but she now also counts on a team of amazing, qualified, and caring Canadian English teachers to help each and every one of their students achieve their goals.


Our English for Canada team is 100% Canadian. We represent and support the diversity and inclusiveness of Canada.  

While our lesson material may be exclusive, our learning experience is definitely inclusive. We respect, value, and appreciate our cultural differences. We believe that those who choose to move to Canada or who have already done so contribute to our communities in many ways, and you’re welcome here. 


Helping students discover the English version of themselves.  

We want you to feel confident speaking in English so you land that new job, make new friends, and settle into your new life in Canada.  

Learning English can be stressful and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We believe that the emotional journey of learning a language is just as important as the lesson itself.  

That’s why we will make your experience light and enjoyable. We’ll be by your side.  

Once speaking in English is fun for you, you’ll relax, let go, and actually notice improvement in your fluency.

Because we want you to BE YOU, but in English!

Words from the founder

“We truly care about our students’ emotional well-being and development, which is why they see results on their proficiency tests and gain confidence while studying with us!

Our team of teachers is highly skilled and experienced, dedicated to each student’s success, and most importantly, loves to teach! We look forward to supporting you throughout your journey to Canada”

Maria Alfaro, founder, CEO and head teacher of English for Canada

Maria Alfaro - English for Canada

Let's get started!