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Is the CELPIP listening test easier?

If you need a CLB 9 for your immigration profile, then you’ve realized how challenging the listening tests for the IELTS and the CELPIP can be! Some students choose to take the CELPIP exam because they find the listening test a lot easier than on the IELTS, but not everyone feels the same way, so let’s break down some pros and cons of the CELPIP listening test! 👩🏻‍🏫

To start, here are some helpful differences between the two listening tests so that you can decided which test is better for you:

  • Duration: The CELPIP listening test is longer (almost 1 hour)while the IELTS listening test is about 30 minutes.
  • Format: The CELPIP has 6 sections and the IELTS has 4.
  • Style: Both can be done on the computer now, but the IELTS also has the paper-based version available.
  • Approach: Unlike the IELTS, you only get to read the questions after you’ve listened to the audio passage on the CELPIP test. This means that note taking is super important on the CELPIP!
  • Question Types: The CELPIP has 3 different question types while the IELTS has 6.
  • Multiple Choice: The CELPIP always includes a dropdown menu whereas the IELTS has fill-in-the-blank style answers.
  • Accents: The CELPIP test only includes Canadian accents. The IELTS test includes speakers with a variety of accents (British, American, Australian).
  • Video: The CELPIP listening test even includes a video! The IELTS does not.

Find out some of the Pros & Cons of the CELPIP Listening Test! 🎧

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