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Our private classes are carefully personalized so each student receives one-on-one attention from their teacher. We tailor each class according to each student’s proficiency level, needs, and objectives. 

And since our courses are online, you won’t waste time commuting, and you can even learn from the comfort and privacy of your home

For our exam preparation classes, we provide personalized corrections and feedback based on examiner standards. Our students also have access to our exclusive examiner-level sample responses and authentic study material to help them feel 100% prepared for their exams.

Our material has been carefully developed according to the assessment criteria used by examiners of proficiency tests such as the IELTS, CELPIP, and TOEFL.

All of our teachers are highly qualified, and we all speak with Canadian accents! We are certified to prepare our students for any English proficiency test such as the IELTS, CELPIP, and TOEFL with years of experience and proven results.

Our goal is to ensure that our students always feel safe and welcome in class. We understand that test anxiety is real, so we always make sure our students feel comfortable facing challenges and stresses that come with learning a language and preparing for their immigration plans. We are very patient and supportive of each student’s progress in and outside of class as we understand that making mistakes is part of their learning curve. 

All of our study material is included in our prices! You don’t have to buy any extra material.

If you’re taking our exam preparation classes, this will include our exclusive examiner-level sample responses and presentations that are true to the exam and all rated at a CLB 9 or Band 7+.

If you’re taking our general English lessons, your student book, workbook, and extra activities designed according to your needs will be included.

Please note that for our CELPIP tutoring lessons, we cannot sell or share the official practice tests sold on the Paragon testing website due to copyright laws.

Each lesson is 60 minutes long. We also offer 90 minute lessons upon request.

Once you’ve enrolled with our school, you’re a student for life! That means you can study from your lesson material whenever you need to. We won’t expect it to be returned once you have finished your lessons.

You’ll get LIVE feedback from your Canadian teacher at the beginning of each lesson

That way we can give you clear explanations and personalized feedback, AND you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions.

All of your essays will be saved in a shared folder between you and your teacher via Google Drive. Just type in your document and we’ll have immediate access to your work.

Definitely! We want you to feel 100% comfortable and confident that you’ve made the right choice by studying with us.

Since we reserve each lesson time in our schedules exclusively, we can’t offer free lessons. However, you can definitely enrol for just 1 class first if you want to meet your teacher.

Please check out our lesson plans page for our rates.

Yes! All of our lessons are personalized, so if there’s a specific area of the exam that you know you need the most help with, we can focus more time on that.

Our study plans are suggestions and frameworks, but we will adapt your lessons according to your needs.

Since our packages include discounted rates, we do not accept payment in installments. Contact our friendly admin team for payment information!

You’ll be matched with your Canadian teacher for your one-on-one classes according to your availability. All you need is a Skype account and an email to use Google Drive to access your lesson material. That’s it!

Your teacher will then prepare and share material according to your needs via email/Google drive before each class.

Of course! We offer email support outside of class. Your success matters to us.

At the end of each class, students are given assignments to be completed before their next class. We understand that questions and doubts come up outside of class, which is why we encourage our students to contact their teacher via email.

Asking questions is like eating ice-cream: it should always be guilt free 🙂

Yes! Check out our general English lessons for all levels!

All of our classes are personalized and one-on-one so we have the opportunity to work with students of any level, including those with a specific need or objective.

Business English? Preparing for that job interview? Want to improve your pronunciation?

We can help!

Studying with us is by far the fastest and most efficient way to prepare for your test.

Why? We know what we’re doing and we want results.

You’ll be studying with experienced IELTS/CELPIP/TOEFL experts that’ll quickly show you exactly what you need to do to pass your exam.

All of our lessons are one-on-one, and they’re scheduled according to your availability (that way you won’t miss class!).

Just like hiring a personal trainer at the gym, getting personalized attention and support leads to better and faster results. 

That being said, you’ll still need to take some personal factors into consideration. Preparing for your upcoming exam will take some hard work, effort, and dedication on your part, and time from your schedule. 

Your test preparation time will ultimately depend on a few factors:

  • your current proficiency level compared to your final objective
  • your availability/free time to study
  • personal effort studying and completing homework
  • the number of classes taken per week
  • minimum band scores desired (the higher the objective, the longer the study time, in general).

And at the end of the day, there is no one answer to this question. Everyone is different.

We can estimate, however, that a student who is at an intermediate English proficiency level (B1), who puts in the effort to study, will require approximately three months to comfortably learn the four parts of an English proficiency test: reading, speaking, writing, and listening.

We encourage that our students be at B1 Intermediate proficiency level to be able to fully benefit from and to keep up with their exam preparation lesson material. 

If you are currently at pre-intermediate level or below, please check out our general English lessons for all proficiency levels. 

We have tons of online courses, self-study programs, study plans, and personalized options to choose from! To find out the best option for you, click here.

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